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Welcome to Your Retire In Lake Chapala Group Seminar!

One week to help you make the tough decisions and quell your fears.
22 Presenters - Over 20 hours of class time!
3 HOURS of touring Lake Chapala communities
A wealth of knowledge from coordinators & expats
Are you ready for this mentally and emotionally challenging week? 

Answer questions like:
Is this destination right for me? 
Where will I live?
Is it best for me to rent or buy?
What about medical?
How do I go about obtaining my visa?
Can I open a bank account?
What does it cost to move my stuff?
How do I get cell phone service?
How do I deal with maids and gardeners?
How do I pay my bills?
....and so much more!!

Our Seminar is a packed 5-day "crash course" designed to offer you the most up-to-date information, plus tips and wisdom from local Professionals and Expats alike.
What's included
Welcoming reception including 2 free cocktails and snacks to be held at 7:00 pm at Casa del Sol Inn Sunday the night before the program

Coffee & snacks during program lectures

Lunches Monday-Friday

Ajijic Pueblo Magico Notebook

Rental, Real Estate and community tours showing various homes and neighborhoods in different price ranges

Personal time with a program coordinator to discuss your questions (Saturday)

Access to our Private Facebook Group "Lake Chapala Retirement Seminar & Friends"

Online resources to various topics such as:  Recommended Restaurants, "Purchasing A Home Successfully" Ebook, How To Obtain your Mexican Drivers License and so much more...

Unlimited online access to the Program's developers to answer all your questions both before and after the Seminar
What's Not Included
We recommend staying at Casa del Sol Inn where we are hosting the program.  If booking at the Casa del Sol Inn, you can receive a booking code from us providing you with a 10% discount on the room rate. Price to include breakfast when staying at Casa del Sol Inn.
Hotel Reservations and costs are not included in the cost of the program. You can choose where to stay in the village of Ajijic.  We can help recommend accommodations nearby Casa de Sol Inn if you wish to stay elsewhere or if Casa del Sol is not available.

Breakfasts are not included in the cost of the program but many of the hotels and B&B's offer breakfast as part of the lodging.

Airport transfers are not included.  The airport taxis are inexpensive and readily available for arrivals.  For your return we will supply you with a list of local drivers.

Dinners - We supply you with a list of recommended restaurant options.  
There are many restaurants to choose from.
Day 6 - Saturday

Meet with your program developers: 
Book extra time with your Seminar Coordinators, Ricardo, Michaela or Julian to further explore rental or purchase options,  help design a personal plan on how to proceed and to discuss further any of your questions


Take a cultural walking tour of Ajijic
This engaging Tour will take in Ajijic's cultural and historic attractions while illuminating Mexico Living


Tour with Charter Club Tours to Historic Guadalajara Centro
Scott & Camille.jpg
Checking Blood Pressure
Insurance Agent

Personal Moving Experiences

Doctors and  Medical Care


Learn from the all the trailblazers, organizers and clients!  Personal stories about moving, immigration, finding a rental, buying a home ...

An experienced US Expat Doctor shares How medical care works in Mexico, Insurance Options, Hospitals, Government programs ...

For Your Peace of Mind.  Health, Property, Car insurance.  Costs, Companies, Deductibles, Exclusions, Claims ...

La Floresta home medium.jpg
Yellow House

Real Estate Sales

Rentals & Property Mgmt

Emergency Evacuation

Buying and Selling Real Estate. Advantages and disadvantages over Renting, Buying and Selling process, Contracts and all Legal aspects ... 

Meet an experienced, highly regarded Property Manager and Rental Agent. Learn about the many ways to find a Rental, what to ask, important legal aspects, Leases and Contracts ....

SkyMed membership saves lives. Learn how this works when you choose to return to your home country for medical care ...

Tax Income Reports
Mac Desktop
Notary Stamps


Tech Stuff


Revenues and Tax Reporting. Mexico-US Tax Treaty, US and Mexican Bank Accounts, FATCA reporting ...

Cell phones, VOIP, MagicJack, TV content, VPN, Computers, Securing your property, Modems & Boosters ...

The legalities of Foreigners purchasing property in Mexico, Deeds vs. Trusts, Wills, Probates, Deed Transfers ...

Car Lot
Movers Working
Cleaning the Dishes


Purchasing new and used,  paperwork requirements, visas, taxes, warranties, used car inspection, driver licenses ...


Daily Living

Household moves, large and small, Size of containers and Storage, Prices, 'Menaje de Casa' (recording), Paperwork requirements ...

Employees and payments, Bill paying,  Shopping online, Shopping at Lake Chapala and in Guadalajara ...

Mexican Flag


Temporary or Permanent Residency considerations and requirements, Application process in your home country and Mexico, Processing costs ...

Mexican Pesos


Requirements for opening a Bank Account, Transferring/exchanging money, Paying bills, Mexican cards, Investing ...

Desert Plants

Travel In Mexico

Discover Mexico, its fascinating history and sites! Live your life to the fullest in a new & exciting country! 

Explore various areas of Mexico for future travel ...

Credit Card Purchase
Senior Patient with Walker
Pic 4.jpg

Cost Of Living

Assisted Living Options

Things To Do Lakeside

Take and in-depth look at the cost of living.  Breakdown of housing, utilities, auto, entertainment


Costs and availability of assisted living options


From pickleball and tennis to dancing the night away, Lake Chapala offers an amazing variety of clubs, social organizations, sports and activities to choose from


Make your transition to Lake Chapala easy.  We're here for you!


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