July 18-24, 2022 ; October 17-23, 2022
             SUNDAY JULY 17

7:00 PM  GALA WELCOME (Share 2 FREE Drinks & Snacks With Us at the Hotel Lounge)

9:00   Meet your hosts! Welcome messages by Michaela, Ricardo, Julian
              - About our schedule (packed week & days), speakers, breaks, absences 
              - Security at Lakeside and in Mexico
              - COVID at Lakeside (and quick overview for Jalisco and Mexico)
              - Provide taxi service names & numbers
9:15   Julian - Seminar Coordinator
              -  Personal moving experience & Reasons for moving
              -  Transferring money to Mexico (Wise) & bank(s)
              -  Mexican Government health care system IMSS
              -  How to remain connected with Up North – phone, mail, packages
              -  USA address for Expats (if no relative or friends to receive your mail) 
                     “TRAVELING (virtual)” MAIL BOX

10:00  Janis & Bob - Recent Expats
              - Personal moving experience & Reasons for moving
              - How to obtain your Visa Consulate appointment
              - Small move across the border
              - Renting experience
10:45 – 11:00  Break
11:00   Liz Verar - Property Manager & Rental Agent   
               -  Lakeside rentals, Contracts, Personnel (help at home)
               -  Property Management of Rentals or Owned - What is included and Costs
               -  Links to all ways to find Rentals (Participants will find their own listings to view; 
                  assistance will be provided)

11:45   Town of Chapala Tour & Lunch
                -  La Playa, Walmart, Superlake, La Paz, Pancho’s, Soriana’s
                -  Walk the Chapala Malecon & booths (45 minutes)
                -  Lunch at Chapala Malecon Beer Garden
                -  Return via Libramiento Communities
               -  Tour Upper Ajijic delvelopments

3:45   Moving Company              
                -  Arriving in Mexico, driving or by plane             
                -  Household moves, Size of containers, Basic prices               
                -  Important items to bring along             
                -  “Menaje de Casa”  (Inventory) requirements, mandatory at Customs               
                -  Time in transit, local storage and costs

4:30   Michaela - Seminar Coordinator               
                -  Real Estate Sales,, Inventory, Prices, Purchase Contracts, Payments                    -  Fill in Questionnaire to indicate Rental or Purchase Preferences
5:30   Day 1 Complete - Dinner on your own. Enjoy your evening!

9:00   Alejandra  -  Intercam Bank  (2 locations: Ajijic by OXXO & Carretera/Juarez)           
              -  Requirements to open a bank account           
              -  Types of Accounts, interest rates, CDs           
              -  Types of Cards provided by Intercam and other banks – where can be used           
              -  How to move your money               
              -  Use of CAD & US Visa cards 

9:30 – 9:45  Break
9:45    SkyMed - Christine LaBarge
               -  Worldwide evacuation and medically necessary repatriation services to members
11:15 –  Tuesday Organic Market
             LUNCH at Brew House
            Tour Villa Nova/Rancho del Oro, Communities west to Raquet Club, West Ajijic

2:45     Ricardo (Program Coordinator)  -  Cost of Living
              - In depth look at cost of living, accommodations, utilities, domestic help, cars        

3:15 - 3:30  Break

3:30    Doctor Sam Thelin, M.D.
               -  Types of hospitals for free to low cost depending on insurance or no insurance
                     IMSS, Seguro Popular, Cruz Verdes, Cruz Rojas
               -  Emergency and ambulance service, how it works, options
               -  Poisoning, overdoses, bites, stings
               -  Chapala area Emergency Medical care and Hospitals; transportation
               -  Medical Insurance 
               -  Blood Donation in Mexico and Heart Attacks
5:30     Day 2 Complete - Dinner on your own.  Enjoy your evening.!

9:00 – 10:00 Rosie CEPEDA, Charter Club Tours, Ajijic
             - Beautiful places to visit in Mexico, times of year, Excursions and Costs
             - Day in Tequila (sign up for Saturday)
             - Day in Guadalajara (sign up for Sunday)
10:00 – 12:00  Wednesday Farmers Market (Ajijic's biggest and best market)

12:00   Lunch at Teocintle

1:30    Lic. Jorge Luis Ramos Uriarte - Notario 4 in Chapala
              -  Buying a home and related legal matters
              -  Mexican Wills, why important, cost, “Will Months” in Mexico
2:30      Andre Bellon - Insurance
             -  Health, car, property Insurance - Inclusions and costs

3:30 - 3:45  Break

3:45     Karen Herrtwich - S&S Auto
              -  Purchasing a vehicle on Tourist, Temporary and Permanent Visa
              -  Prices of Mexican vehicles and availability & paperwork to purchase
              -  Used vehicles, inspection, purchasing
              -  Vehicle insurance and Accidents
              -  Challenges of bringing a foreign vehicle and getting Mexican plates
              -  Car TIP (Temporary Import Permit) – also covered by Immigration Lawyer
4:30  Gabriel Perez Marquez - Hospital San Antonio               
             -  San Antonio Hospital Services               
             -  How to Use your Medicare and other Health Insurance plans at Lakeside 
5:30   Day 3 Complete -  Dinner on your own.  Enjoy your evening!

9:00   Patrick Oden - Lakeside Tax Service             
           -  USA and CAD Taxes filing information

10:00 -10:15    Break

10:15     Michaela - Seminar Coordinator
             -  Daily household living, Employees w/ and w/o Contracts, Maintenance for Rentals 
                     And Personal Ownership, Christmas Bonus, Severance Pay
             -  Paying Bills:  Prop Tax, Water, Insurance, CFE, Telmex, Totalplay, TV Programs, 
                     Telcel, Car Tax/Sticker, Car Insurance, Emission Control test
             - SHOPPING: online,,  MercadoLibre,  
                     Importing from Alibaba China direct to MX & eBay    ( JULIAN )
             - SHOPPING at Costco, Home Depot, GDL Malls & Centro, Construction materials, 
                     Mercado de Abastos, other Mercados 
12:00   Lunch at Tangos
2:00    Alvaro Becerra - Immigration Lawyer             
             -  Types of Mexican Visas and required finances to obtain              
            -  Immigration Office Costs to obtain Visas and Lawyer’s fee              
            -  Process to obtain, paperwork requirements up North and continuation in Chapala

2:30    Tour Lake Chapala Society grounds and programs

3:00    Your afternoon to view rentals.
            - Participants are encouraged to seek rental leads even prior to the seminar
               and to arrange personal viewings.   Drivers’ contacts will be supplied.
               For anyone wishing to rent for 1 year or more, assistance with rentals
                can be provided (at personal cost) by Cosala Homes – please talk to
               Liz Verar on Monday at 11am.  Those who are not interested in rentals,
                can enjoy this free time OR can view homes for sale with the coordinators.
5:30   Day 4 Complete -  Dinner on your own.  Enjoy your evening!

9:00    Ricardo (Seminar Coordinator) - Things To Do In Lake Chapala
            -  Things to do, How we live our life, Entertainment at Lakeside and
               Guadalajara,  San Juan Cosala termales,  Tennis,  Pickleball,  Golf, Hiking,  Movies in                               English and other activities.

10:00 - 10:15   Break

10:15   Heriberto MIRAMONTES – “Erick”  (office South of Guadalajara Pharmacy, Ajijic)            
             -  Tech stuff, cell phones, TV, modems & boosters, VPN, house security alarms           
             -  Calling the USA/Canada/Mex/Europe  from MX – MajicJack,                                                                    - OOMA & Callcentric (VoIp options for US line)
11:15 -  Claudia (Mi Casita Assisted Living Home)
             - Assisted living options and conciege service help with hospitals
12:00   Lunch  at Cocinart
1:30   View 4-5 Homes For Sale in different price ranges         
5:00   Dinner extravaganza and dance with Friends  -  live music!   (meet other recent expats
           and hear their stories)
          -  Individual Appointments with Julian, Michaela and Ricardo to re-cap and ask questions
          -  Day trip to Tequila with Charter Club Tours (optional and at extra cost)
          -  Personal search for Rentals
          -  Private showings of Properties for Sale

Day 7 - SUNDAY JULY 24
           -  Individual Appointments with Julian, Michaela and Ricardo to re-cap ask questions
           -  Day trip to Guadalajara Centro Historico with Charter Club Tours (optional and at 
              extra cost)        
           -  Personal search for Rentals                   
           -  Private showings of Properties for Sale