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Will you help with booking the hotel if I need it?

We're always available to help you with any aspect of your personal travel arrangements.

What airport do I fly into?

You will be booking your flights to Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Guadalajara International Airport (GDL)

How do I travel from Guadalajara International Airport to Ajijic?

There is an Airport taxi stand as soon as you exit baggage claim and another just before you exit outside.  They take USD or pesos and the cost to Casa del Sol Inn in Ajijic is roughly 500 peos ($25 USD).  After they give you the ticket, you exit outside and a taxi stand greeter will see your ticket and direct you into the next waiting cab.

Inform him that you are going to Casa del Sol Inn, Ajijic.

Is it possible to find a future rental accommodation for myself during the week?

We encourage you to use our blog "Where To Find Rentals In Ajijic" and to line up appointments for Thursday afternoon after 3:00 to view rental accommodations.  Assistance will be given if needed.  You also have Saturday and Sunday after the 5 day program to view more rentals or follow up on leads.

Can I purchase a house during the week?

Yes, you can purchase a home on the tourist visa.

How much time will I have to do things on my own?

The Retirement Seminar week is jam packed with speakers and tours so you will have very little time on your own during the 5 days other than after 5:30pm.  We strongly suggest to all participants to book extra time either before or after the Seminar to enjoy personal activities and exploration.

What will the weather be like?  What should I pack for clothing?

Rated the second best climate in the world, you'll enjoy perfect temperatures year around.  Bring normal, everyday clothing that you feel comfortable in.

Lake Chapala is located at 5000 feet elevation so it is easy to burn.  Bring a hat and some sunscreen.  Ajijic and the surrounding towns and villages are well known for their cobblestone streets so sturdy closed toe footwear is a must for walking around.

I'm not a good walker.  Are there many steps?

Yes, there will be many steps and uneven footing.  If you are unsteady on your feet or have difficulty walking then consider bringing a cane or walking stick.  Every precaution will be taken during your time with us and the van will drop you off as close to our venues as possible.

Are U.S dollars accepted in Lake Chapala? 

Other than at the airport the answer is "No".  You will need Mexican pesos

How do I get pesos to pay for my purchases/restaurant meals?

You can get some pesos at your local bank but it is recommended to bring your debit card and use one of the many ATM's because you will get the best exchange rate.  The ATM charges a $3-4 transaction fee.

Please remember to inform your bank that you will be traveling in Mexico.

How much can I expect to spend during my week there?

You will need money for restaurant meals and personal purchases.  Your breakfast is often included in the price of the hotel (check to be sure) and lunches are included in the Seminar cost, so you only need money for dinners plus spending money.  If you are renting Airbnb/VRBO then you'll need include money for breakfasts on your own.

Breakfasts:  $6-8 (120-160 pesos) ; Dinners $10-20 (200-400 pesos) per person for meal/drinks/tip.  Personal purchases additional.

Can't I just bring my credit card?

Bring your credit card if you wish but keep in mind that only about 25% of the business's and restaurants accept credit cards.  Sometimes there is an additional charge for using a card.  Cash is still king in Lake Chapala.

Make Your Transition to Lake Chapala Easy.  We're here for you!


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